Joy Ride by Catherine Shepherd

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My Holiday Shorts

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Cecilia lay down on the couch and squinted into the warm sun beyond the patio door. She rested for a few minutes, day dreaming, stretching her spine out comfortably. Then like a flash she jumped up and ran into the kitchen, where her brother sat bent over his book.

"Come on Mr B, come on!" Cecilia smiled at her brother who although much bigger than her was only one year ahead at varsity. "It's a brilliant day and I refuse to waste this summer holiday on high teas," she lowered her face until it was only millimetres from Bob's. "And old people," she whispered.

Bob closed his eyes briefly. He put down the book and made a slight nod in the direction of the drinks cabinet. Cecilia's face lit up. They were going to start enjoying their summer holiday at Gramps.

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About the Author

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Catherine Shepherd Catherine was born in Port Elizabeth in 1970 and graduated from Rhodes University in 1992 with a BA degree. The end of Apartheid was the highlight of her young adult years and still inspires her to this day. Although happily married now she was for many years a single mother of two children. Bringing up her son now 16, almost single handedly, is her biggest achievement to date. Being a Jack of all trades and master of none has lead her down very exciting paths - mainly as a customer service agent in corporate companies beginning new projects, massage therapist, NGO volunteer, Jewellery consultant and lover of fiction writing.

"Now that I am older, I can finally start writing my fiction stories from all the experiences of my past life. I have more time, more life experience and a new found ability to laugh at myself. Sending out your stories takes guts but if you can see past the ego it is so much fun".

She lives in Hout Bay, Cape Town, with her husband and their 3 children.

What inspired you to write your story?

I was inspired by Rachel Zadok who started Short Story Day Africa and is my favourite South African Author to date. Through Short Story Day Africa I got my first opportunity to glimpse into the real world of publishing. When I saw the call for 'My Holiday Shorts' I remembered a wonderful true story I had been told 20 years before. Although quite different in the end 'Joy Ride' is based on that story.

What's your favourite book/story?

My favourite books are Sister Sister by by Rachel Zadok and The Siege of Isfahan by Jean-Christophe Rufin.

How much of your work reflects your life?

All the work I do, not just my writing, is a pretty good reflection of my life: passionate, varied, at times like a bull in a china shop but always with the best intention.

If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title be?

All you need to survive is someone to love, someone who loves you and a dream.

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