Serendipity by Boipelo Maetla

an excerpt.

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My Holiday Shorts

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Elizabeth woke up with a start and sat up in bed. She opened her eyes only to be blinded by the morning sun that filled her bedroom. She smiled as she remembered her dream. She closed her eyes again in an attempt to find her way back to one of the most breath taking dreams she had ever had.

Elizabeth was not much of an extraordinary human being. A thirty-something year old wedding planner with a non-existent love life. As single as a dollar, Elizabeth was desperate for change.

She had to wear a fake smile the day before at the office when yet another colleague announced that she was getting married. Although her voice said, "oh, I am so happy for you Juno", her heart was crying to a solemn rhythm she had become too familiar with. A painful rhapsody; an ode to a lonely soul. "What is it that I am doing wrong?" she wondered. "I need love. I NEED LOVE!" She almost said that loud enough for the people in the office to hear. "Are you okay?" asked Kathleen, her PA. "Yes, I am fine, I just need some air..." Elizabeth muttered as she paced away to the garden, leaving the office where everyone was still congratulating Juno who was now getting married for the second time.

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About the Author

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Boipelo Maetla Boipelo Maetla is a vibrant writer, poet essayist and scholar currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

"I grew up exposed to literature and ended up finding a love for it. I have found a home in producing short stories and poetry. It's something I do to remain peaceful and content".

What inspired you to write your story?

The story is actually a result of a sleepless night that turned into a writing frenzy. The story basically originated from abundant creativity.

What's your favourite book/story?

Dreams Of The Kalahari by Carolyn Slaughter. It articulates history and growth so perfectly!

How much of your work reflects your life?

I am one of those people that find comfort in their imagination. A place where anything and everything is possible. Writing grants me the opportunity to access that privilege it's my imagination put into context basically. My work and life marry each other perfectly.

Dreaming Of Daddy

Everything in my life ultimately circulates around wanting (or needing rather), a father figure. The title would be appropriate because a father is all I really wish, and dream of.

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